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Basic Equine Massage Class

This is a great class if you are interested in learning some basics to help with your horse(s) perform better or if have an issue you are wanting to work on with your own horse. This is also a wonderful way to bond with your horse at a different level and in a different way than when riding. 

Even though I have studied both massage and chiropractic and both skills will be talked about. I will be teaching soft tissue manipulations during this class. There is NO certification or certificates handed out. This is for you and your horses best interest.

Three Horses


Horse Whisperer

If you have questions you are welcome to call me and I am happy to anwser any question you have. Ready to sign up your can do that here! 

Signs Your Horse Wants A Massage

head tossing

resists leads

shoeing/trimming problems

unexplained lameness

struggles with sidepassing

and many more

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