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List of Services

Massage Services

20 Minute Infant/ Small Child $15

30 Minute Massage  $30

30 Minute Deep Tissue $40

45 Minute Massage $45

45 Minute Deep Tissue $55

55 Minute  Massage  $60

55 Minute Prenatal    $60

(with prenatal massage table) 

55 Minute Luxury Massage $65

55 Minute Deep tissue $70

90 Minute Massage  $90

90 Minute Deep Tissue $97

Cupping can be added to most all servcies if you request it. 

Medical Massage and PPS Technique is added into all sessions listed. 

Equine Services

All prices listed here are for you bringing animal to the clinic. There is a travel fee of $20-$40 depending on location. 

Equine Bodyworks $100 

If you bring your horse to my office

Outcall Equine Bodyworks

                                                     $120 -$140

Red Light Therapy  $40

Equine Iridology Initial $40

Follow Up Iridology $10

Equine Body Adjustment only $85

Equine Energy Work $65

Raindrop Therapy $25

 Thermagraphic Images

Full Body $150

6 Images for              $75 

Includes neck, shoulder, spine, hip, front/back view or

top of foreleg, knee to hoof, stifles, inside/outside of hock, hock to hoof.

Just A Glimpse up to 3 images  $40

Saddle Fit $65

Lameness Package Available

Preventative/Maintenance Packages

Canine Therapy

Pet Therapy $20  (20-30 Min session)

Thermographic Images $30

Follow Up/Progress Check Image $10

This is an intro rate while I am still in training with thermagraphic images. The price will be going up when I am done with training. 

Speciality Services

Lymph Drainage $30- $45

Cranio Sacral Therapy $60

Hot Rock Massages

55 Minute Hot Rock Massage $70

90 Minute Hot Rock Massage $97

Add Hot Rocks to Back and Neck for an additional $5 to any session.

Plantar Fasciitis Protocol $35

Ionic Foot Detox Bath $30

2 or more people $25 each

Micro Current Pain Relief

30 Micro Current Treatment $45

45 Micro Current Treatment $60

60 Micro Current Treatment $90

90 Micro Current Treatment $135

15 Minute or Less

Individual Protocols $15

Custom Services

Face Massage and Facial $30

Foot Massage $30

Basic Hand Reflexology $30

Luxury Hand Reflexology $60

Hand, Foot and Facial $70

Face, Hand, Foot, and Back Massage $80

Life Coaching $40 to $70

Health Coaching $40 to $70

Reiki/Energy Session $60

Cupping can be added to most all services if you request it. 


Proudly carry a wide variety for supplements to help your health, mental and emotional well being. 

Nature Sunshine


Ameo Life


Silver Lining Herb for Animals

Butterfly Express


Your welcome tovisit the schedule online page to schedule

If you have any question please feel free to get in touch! 

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