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What is Iridology?

Iridology is a another wonderful non invasive way for us to be shown different patterns, changes in the fibres and structures in the iris. To the trained eye you can recognise causes of temperament, behavioural, health or performance issues. We can see how the digestive is doing, issues in the central nervous system,  inherited strengths and weaknesses, site of over activity, irritation, inflammation, degeneration of tissues and organs and toxic areas. The iris can show problems manifesting before physical symptom ever develop into deeper problems and diseases. Old injuries, scars, accidents, traumas, which could trigger future problems can also be seen. The organs most affected are the liver and kidneys. It is recommended to do an herbal detox a few times a year to prevent weaknesses. The liver or kidneys can directly impact the function of the other organs. Which can  lead to series of issues like digestion issues, loss of appetite, not gaining weight, not absorbing nutrients, hormone imbalances, muscles, behavioural problems, mood swings, and many others .

Why Use Iridology

​The greatest advantage of iridology is that preventative action may be taken to improve health and avoid those inflammation and imbalances which might otherwise follow.


Why use Iridology?

Often horse and pet owners are aware that their animal has a problem, but struggle to pin-point the origin of that problem. Iridology can be an extremely powerful tool. Animal iridology can often be the missing link in a treatment where you are not quite sure why the horse is reacting or moving the way it does. An iridology assessment is particularly useful in the following circumstances:

Animal Iridology enables the constitution of the animal to be assessed, shows organ and inherited strengths and weaknesses, old / new injuries, and which foods will work best for the animal. Iridology can also detect muscle spasms, digestion issues and can indicate if temperament changes may be a result of a physical problem. Iridology can often provide an explanation for a animals lack of performance or re-occurrence of an injury/problem.

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