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What is Benefab? 

Benefab is a company that sells far-infrared items that are wearable. When I was searching for a product like this, I read Kat's Story. If you havent read it you should check it out. I  checked into the company and like what I saw. I became an affiliate with them and havent looked back since. 

What is far-infrared? They are rays that are invisible to the eye but they penetrate the skin gently to elevate the body tempature which  promotes the body to a healing state. 

What is far-infared?

They are energy rays that are invisible to the eye but with thermal heat the skin gently elevates the body temperature which  promotes the body into a healing state. 

The fabrics are infused with natural, lead-free minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths. The products are proven thru lots of University trials and with great results. 

What make some products a "Smart Product" well to make it even better they have magnets positioned in the acupuncture points. 

To read more about how magnets in the acupuncture points work here is a great article of information here

Crystal Salt

Benefits of Benefab

increased blood circulation

 dilate capillaries and reduce inflammation.

Non-Invasive Therapy (Safe-to-Use)

Better Performance


Odor Control and Less Fungus


Year-Around Use in All Climates

You’ll see increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks. Check out the reviews here.

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