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Darci Parry

LMT, Craniosacral Therapist, Lymph Drainage Therapist,

Reiki Master
Equine Massage Therapist and Bodyworker

Canine Massage Therapist and Bodyworker

Equine Iridologist

Thermographic Image Specialist 


Darci Parry has been in business since 2004. She has a passion for the benefits of what massage therapy can offer everyone and believes that every member of the family should be able to receive a massage when needed. Darci offers her talent to all ages from infants to adults. With training in Swedish, Problems PPS, Medical Massage, Craniosacral, Reiki, Hot Stones, Prenatal, Lymph Drainage, Energy Work, NRT, studied body code and emotion code, Equine Bodywork, Canine Bodywork and more.

Darci has studied nutrition over the years and knows the body cannot fully heal unless you are feeding the body properly. After years of working in a medical massage clinic. I know without a doubt a very large portion of our chronic pain, chronic fatigue and illness is caused by lack of adequate nutrition! I love studying the body and how the body heals itself!

After years of seeing numerous patients come into my office seeking help from different avenues of life. The most important piece of advice I can give anyone is PREVENTION IS KEY! The saying why fix something that isn't broken does not pertain anymore. Why wait until your health is all but depleted or you cant move before you change your lifestyle? The best thing you can do for yourself is to take preventative measures and stay up with maintenance for yourself!

   Darci has been trained in Equine Massage Therapy since 2003. After working on her own horses, her families and close friends she decided to branch out and add this incredible option to her business. Growing up on a farm and ranch she has had years of experience with horses and has loved them since she was a very small child. Horses are her passion and she loves each and every horse she has the opportunity to work with. Along with doing massage for horses. She has learned chiropractic, laser therapy, pemf therapy, micro current therapy and lymph drainage. For more information on Equine Massage go to our Equine Massage Page

  She understands the importance of education and has become a certified Veterinary Assistant along her journey as well.

Darci has a deep belief and passion for her work and what she does. She stives to be compassionate, friendly and professional with all aspects of her work and she looks foward to meeting you, your horses and dogs!

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