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Micro Current With Avazzia

Microcurrent is the same electrical energy as your heartbeat. If you have ever seen a heart monitor on TV with the blips on the screen, these reflect the electrical energy that your heart is producing.

How Does it Work

  The tiny electrical signal generated by each heartbeat communicates via soundwave with every cell in the body 70x faster than any chemical or hormone via the nervous system and collagen network.  Your heart communicates with different cells in your body by different frequencies.  Just like tuning a radio, nerve cells or muscle cells or blood vessels are contacted at different frequencies. Microcurrent speaks the body's own language and uses the body's own internal communication pathways to help the body repair itself.

How Does It Erase Pain

Pain is caused primarily by inflammation. All diseases that end in "itis" refer to an inflammation of the area (pancreatitis, tendonitis, plantar fascitis, diabetes mellitis, etc etc etc). When you receive an injury, the body sends antibodies, chemicals, cells and fluids through the blood vessels to the injured area to make repairs. Think of a sprained ankle swelling up. Unfortunately in many cases these things clog up the area and get in the way of the healing process. This is made worse by the damaged cells in the area and the waste products produced during the repairs. Not until the swelling goes down and the area starts to clear out can healing really begin.

  The process of healing is referred to as the Inflammatory process. There are 5 steps to it, but sometimes it gets stuck in the middle. This becomes chronic inflammation that blocks the body's normal communication pathways preventing normal repair messages from being transmitted to groups of cells.  If you think of your nerves like rivers, then inflammation is like a beaver dam. These are the source of pain. 

  Microcurrent stimulation first removes these beaver dams getting the blockages out of the way and allowing the healing process to continue.  Second, microcurrent stimulates certain groups of cells to markedly speed up the healing process. This works for both new and old injuries.

  Even after an injured area is healed, the scar tissue that remains continues to scramble the communication system.  Microcurrent stimulation can straighten out the scar tissue to prevent this problem. The scars will fade and sometimes go away completely, but even if they don't this stops them from causing further problems.

How Is Micro Current Different Than A Tens Unit

There are two kinds of electrical stimulators generically referred to as "TENS" units. TENS stands for transcutaneous (across the skin tissue) electrical nerve stimulation. Actual TENS units currently require a physician's prescription to obtain.  They are designed to target the nerves themselves, causing interference and temporarily "numbing" them to block the pain signal. When the nerves wake up, the pain returns so relief is temporary.

  The more common type of electrical stimulator on the market today is actually an EMS unit. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation.  They are available over the counter. Instead of targeting the nerves, they use a different program/frequency to target the muscles.  It forces the muscles themselves to move.  This is why it's good for physical therapy and athletes, it exercises muscles more effectively than we could do consciously. Just like going to the gym, it puts stress on the body. Too much force can be painful. And if you do it for too long, the muscles get tired and ache just like overdoing an exercise routine.

  Instead of forcing the body to respond, microcurrent speaks the body's own language which does not cause stress but instead helps the healing process to occur naturally. With a TENS or EMS unit, the body adapts so power levels need to be continually increased to achieve the same effects which can be very painful. Microcurrent is the opposite;, as the body's communication pathways are opened the body becomes more receptive and the power levels are actually turned down.

What Can This Be Used For?

  We are just beginning to discover all the possibilities that microcurrent biofeedback therapy speaking the body's own language opens up to us. Wound care, scoliosis, hormone imbalances, post-traumatic stress disorder, diabetes, COPD, vascular diseases and more have been successfully treated using the Avazzia devices "off-label".  The FDA has not approved these devices specifically for anything but pain management, and does not endorse them for diagnosis or treatment of other disease conditions.  Off-label use of medications and other therapies are very common and are the beginning of progress, research, and additional FDA approvals over time.

  Most disases that appear as we age are a result of chronic inflammation.  Diabetes, COPD, arthritis, low back pain, osteoporosis, cardiac disease and even many cancers result directly from long-term inflammation.  When the inflammation is removed, the disease stops advancing and begins to retreat as the body does what it is designed to do and heals the damage. Nerves, bones, ligaments, tendons- almost anything will regenerate over time once the barriers are removed.

What Kind of Results Can I expect?

 Results will vary depending on the location of the pain, the cause of the pain, the length of time it has been present, and other factors such as smoking, medications, diet, stress, surgeries etc...

  However, all types of pain can be reduced. Sometimes only one treatment is required.  For example "ghost pain" from amputations requires only one brief treatment to essentially re-program the brain that there is nothing there. 

Other chronic conditions such as RSD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, etc. require multiple treatments over a period of time. Recurring conditions such as tendonitis, migraines, and carpal tunnel can be relieved quickly but require re-treatment if they return.


Is It better Than Medication?

Of course! It works much faster than medications since the electrical signals happen so much faster than medications absorbed through the gastrointestinal system, muscles (injections) or even intravenously. All medications also have side effects.  Why take a medication that affects the entire body instead of addressing just the problem area?

  Medications are also designed to control symptoms instead of fix the problem. Why just put a bandaid on the pain when the actual source of it can be removed entirely?

Is there research to validate its effectiveness?

Microcurrent has been around for 10-15 years in Russia with a device known as the SCENAR. Much research has been done on the properties of microcurrent itself.  However it is only in the last 2 years or so that Avazzia has been producing devices that introduce the biofeedback component to the technology and expand the frequency  range capable of being produced. NASA has also been studying it, referring to it as neuromodulation.

  There is also mountains of research on Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) and their effects on the body. PEMFs are also low energy similar to microcurrent and are produced by nature and electronic devices (such as cellphones). They don't come in contact with the skin like the SCENAR or Avazzia devices do and are not controllable for beneficial effect.  They sometimes have harmful effects.

  All of these different avenues of research have led to the highly effective technology available today.

Is It FDA Approved

Yes! Avazzia devices are FDA cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain, post-traumatic and post-surgical pain. They is covered under the TENS unit umbrella of treatment devices and require a prescription for home use.

  Microcurrent is the Gold Standard for treating non-healing bone fusions.  It is also very commonly used for cosmetic treatments of acne, wrinkles, and other facial signs of aging.

Does This Work On Animals

Yes! Animals respond so well with pain and wounds with this technology!

They all love the PEMF that this device can perform as well. 

Again result will vary depending on the the animals, stress, diet, severity of issue, medications and some may take a long time to be pain free. I do suggest adding Thermagraphic  Images with treatment to be able to monitor progress and when treatment needs to change. 

This should in no way be a substitute vet care! I actually like to work with your vet to help your animal pain management! 

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