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Fall Equine Basic Massage Class 

November 11, 2023

Check in at 10:45, class will go till about 4:30

Location: Idaho Falls

Indoor arena

Heat will be available but dress in warm layers! 

Horses will be provided you will not be bringing your own 

Cost is $250

Lunch and Drink will be Provided

For more in depth info and to sign up go to DB Equine BodyWorks Page

or Hit the link below. 

Don't need anymore information 


Welcome to Family Massage and Nutrition LLC! 

Thank you everyone for your patience. I am still editing my site so if a few pages look funny or have lots of typos rest assure. I am working on this slowly

I love what I do! My passion is helping others feel better physically and mentally. I have been doing massage for over 20 years and over those years I have studied many different modalities, different ways on how the body can heal and how to start the healing process.  If you have come across my page you are here for a reason. If I can help you in any way I would love to be a part of your journey!

My specialty is pain management massage, prenatal massage, craniosacral, lymph drainage and I am excited to have added micro current and red light therapy. 

Scheduling is easy you can schedule online, this let you see my schedule and sign up when its convenient for you.

Your are still welcome to call or text me at 208-680-9725

Im happy to schedule you to. 

 If you don't know exactly what to sign up and schedule for just sign up for the 55 Minute Massage and we can figure it out when you get here! 

I offer a wide range of great services that are not just massage! I have life coaching sessions available, energy work, my health coaching side is undergoing to some revamping but in the mean time I am offering a few health coaching services. 

Exciting fun fact I have been an Equine and Canine Massage Therapist longer than I have for humans.  Thru the last 20 plus years I have learned not only massage but chiropractic, craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage, energy work, red light therapy, thermographic images, and Iridology. All of my information on these will be under the link of

DB Equine Bodyworks.


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